Other writers have chosen to harness feminine motifs more directly. Mel1, who is a linguist and works as an investment banker by day, begins her tags with a heart. As a studio artist, Mel1 overlays feminist theory–inspired graffiti lettering over NSFW images. And her graffiti work shares a similar feminist ethos. “I have a captive graffiti audience,” she explained. “They may know nothing about feminist rhetoric, but I’m going to put it in their faces whether they like it or not.”
— Kelsey Ables

As Ever, Zines Are Printing the Way For Diversity, Inclusion + Fun in Publishing

Article by Margaret Andersen, June 2018

Zine-making has rapidly evolved since the early punk and Riot Grrrl days, when greyscale Xerox dominated the visual landscape of self-publishing. Today, zines come in all colors, shapes, and sizes; and the diversity of their form and content is reflective of the designers and artists who produce them. 




The Magazine, Santa Fe

Full-length color feature in The Magazine for the Cryin' Out Loud show at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, NM. June 19, 2017 - July 9, 2017.


Press for Uncensored at SIABC in SI Live


The SIABC Gallery and Port Exhibitions will open their latest exhibition, “Uncensored: an exhibition of erotic art,” this Saturday through June 17. It’s a group exhibition exploring sexuality in art.

“Today there is a certain stigma associated with erotic art that never existed in its long history,” curator Raul Barquet said in a statement. “Sexuality is something to be celebrated and the artists selected to participate certainly do so without reservation.”  

The exhibition includes artwork from Mel 1, Ceez, <3Neener, Chip Soup, Kathe Butcher, Lane Sell, and Erich Irving.