Mel1 is a Queens-based artist. She was born in Staten Island and has lived in Rockland County, Buffalo, Madrid, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and of course, Queens. She has a background in graffiti, and her work largely explores re-appropriation of spaces and ideas by using bold visual language. Her work leans on her use of colorful, glossy, shiny and legible letters, which renders it accessible to anyone, but her references, which predominantly draw from punk and hip-hop subcultures, then subvert the messages and images with their satirical double-entendres. Mel’s work is rooted in its accessibility, which serves as a critique of the institution of high art as well as a champion for low-brow art like graffiti and fan art. Her methods and concepts are deeply embedded within graffiti, from the styling of her letters to the materials she uses, which are also reserved for acts of vandalism. Her tag name is her signature.

Her work has been featured in galleries, museums, and on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Albuquerque and Lake Tahoe.